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Sold out Brazilian Folk event at The World Music School Helsinki

Yesterday the 19.02.2017, the World Music School (WMS) made another cross-cultural event. This time, Brazil with Saami.
The strong ongoing flu in Helsinki, made our Saami team to be unable to attend, so it was all about Brazil!, and what a gathering it was. Sold out!
97 guests and 9 musicians joined us, in a packed room at Bokvillan in Helsinki.
Starting at 18:00, the musicians from Sambaki were introduced by the WMS’ chairman, Pedro Aibéo and then kicked off the teaching of Forró dances.
There was a break after one hour of music and dance. During that break, Valeria Conte, one of the WMS teachers, gave a short musical workshop to the kids present.
The beat continued now with samba till 21:00, where the event was closed by the lottery announcement.
For the organizers, the day started with the 1st annual board meeting and ended with a philosophical utilitarian taxi driver back to WMS’ office at Viipurinkatu 8! :-)
Why did we choose Brazil and Saami? Maybe the musical contrast, maybe the colonial aspect… Ask us at the upcoming event on the 23rd of April about PERU and INDIA!. This time in collaboration with the International School of Music Finland.


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