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Architectural Democracy with the Latvian Urban Institute

On Saturday 18th May 2019, from 12:00-17:00 PM, I lectured on Architectural Democracy at the "Encouraging Participatory Activities by Artistic & Innovative Public Practices" at the small, but cozy Third Space Gallery in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.

The invitation came from the Latvian Urban Institute and the discussion that followed it was very engaging.

The data collected is part of the ongoing doctoral research of Architectural Democracy at the Aalto University.

Discussion was broad and rich, from post socialist countries (the mix of the soviet style + new democracy), agile cities, Virtue book, Voting rights from property (women in latvia would buy land to get voting rights), the facadism in Skopje , the UK legislation tax for empty buildings, the new library of Oodi in Helsinki Vs Suvilahti, a space for communities?, the emerald plan of Helsinki, etc.


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