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Gamified Cohousing Workshops in China

During 2018 and 2019, I was invited several times to China to do some workshops around Gamified Cohousing. For example, at the Design Week of Tongji University or at the United World College.

Goal of these workshops was to discuss the basic concepts of gaming and sustainable communities.

We usually would have an average of 40 committed workshop participants from all over Shanghai and from very different backgrounds. We explored the boundaries and interactions of eco-systems for people and their everyday environments and lives. We started with an in-depth discussions, walking through the different stages and steps for learning the key elements of the gamifying processes. We then self-organized into groups and had animated discussions which were translated into different types of visual outcomes.

It has been an interesting and lively process these workshops that shared important understanding and implementation of new ideas and strategies for better communities.

Pedro Aibéo


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