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New Gamified Cohousing in Kajaani

A new type of living is taking over Teppanakeskus in Kajaani, Finland. It is hoped that it will be in residential use at the beginning of 2024.

This new house was just the right size and in the right condition, which we bought in September 2023. The school, which was renovated into an office space, was owned by the bankruptcy estate of Kainuun Nuotta ry. We invested a total of about 45,000 euros from the almost 600-square-meter log house. Now we are planning a completely new type of living for the more than a hundred-year-old building. We plan to renovate the old building and install communal living in them, where gamification makes it easier for residents to live together.

Two social problems are eliminated with this, people's loneliness, and decommissioned buildings. We have seen the mistakes that have been made in communal living in the past. Conflicts can easily arise between people, for example, about cleaning common areas. We believe that gamifying the management of the premises helps to reduce conflicts between the people living in the house.

In practice, gamification means that residents have a game application on their phone. From it, they can see the chores waiting to be done in the house, such as washing the windows, mowing the grass or snow work. If the resident books a task from the app and completes it, one gets points and pays less rent or exchanges with other services. The idea is that the house builds up a platform where people can exchange services with each other.

We are currently surveying whether the building will mostly have shared rooms or whether there is also a need.

for private apartments for use by families, for example. We believe that we will welcome 10-15 people here. It is hoped that it will be in residential use at the beginning of 2024. About a good half of the house's surface area will become habitable, the rest remains for communal use as working and event spaces.

Pedro Aibéo

Kajaani, 28.11.2023


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