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Arts festival with no electricity in Helsinki

The art Gallery, which I am part of, Myymälä2, is proud to present RAW - Relational Art Week. RAW started in 2019 and it is a part of the yearly activity produced and curated by Myymälä2.

This year's concept revolves around the challenge of sparing energy in an urban context. During one week our day to day operations and our program will be car out without the use of electricity. Entering the space the public will meet a surreal atmosphere, oscillating between ancient scenery or perhaps an anticipation of future situations. For the time they are present at the gallery the public will be gently involved in this experiment.

What is the degree of compromise or radicalization one is able to accept?

The program does not pretend to solve the emergency related to waste of energy and its negative impact on the environment, nor does it pretend to set an example for others. It is an attempt to delve into the contradictions of the human condition in an interesting and sometimes hilarious or absurd frame.

Invited artists and schedule:

10.8 Koelse

11.8 Jan Lütjohann // Vishnu Vardhani Rajan.

12.8 Ingrid André and Gabriele Goria // SEA Foundation.

13.8 Tomasz Szrama // Irina Mutt.

14.8 Katri Kinulainen & Maximilian Latva.

15.8 Ramina Habibollah.

16.8 Steve Maher // Harrie Liveart.

In absence of phones, electronic cameras and other recording devices generating images through electricity, Myymälä2 has invited selected artists to document the program daily through drawing and painting: Pedro Aibéo, Panos Baloménos, and Shubhangi Singh. Edwina Goldstone and Serena Morina present their works on the Process Wall.

Free entrance with limited places.

The program of Myymälä2 is supported by City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Department, and by Arts Promotion Center Finland.

The project of Harrie Liveart is supported by Kone Foundation.

SEA Foundation's residency in Finland is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation. The work of Koelse, Vishnu Vardhani Rajan, Ingrid André, and Steve Maher is supported by Pixelache Helsinki.



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