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Croquis and Animation Workshop at Kiasma

Yesterday, the 11th november 2016, me (Pedro Aibéo) and Jan Andersson gave a #croquis and #animation workshop at the #opiskelijapäivä at #Kiasma (Helsinki, Finland), at the great building by the architect Steven Holl.

Drawing is, along with music, one of the first communication tools we are born with. We should not replace it with language but master it further for the sake of diversity.

Drawing is "motivated by a wish to inquire and to experience" [1], and all the apparent hidden talent of our participants, comes out effortlessly in all of them. Mostly all are first-timers, and they realize that with the right thinking and motivation, drawing is a natural and easy process, a responsive interpretation of reality.

Here we have posted some photos and videos of this process.

Here a short animation result of a first timer participant of our croquisnights workshop at the #opiskelijapäivä at #Kiasma

In one hour we did the drawings from Nude Models and then turned them into animations on the next hour

[1] from Nathan Goldstein in "The Art of Responsive Drawing"

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