take over the life of another spectator and plan it till its end 

PLAY ME is an interactive theatre role-play in an enclosed abstract urban environment using smart phone technology.


In this theatre game one participant from the same group gets a life of another participant to play.

At the end of the game each participant receives a report of his own life, played till its end by someone else. 

To question the society, media, to be independent and of critical thinking, one must be able to question its own believes first.
In this play, people are assigned tasks in different scenarios where their own life paths will be confronted.












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Digital Theatre, Game theory, Computer-mediated theatre,

human behaviour, interactive storytelling,

role playing, life simulation


ACM Classification Keywords

Algorithmic game theory and mechanism design, Network games,

Augmented Reality, Information visualization, Collaborative content creation,

Ubiquitous and mobile computing, Interaction techniques