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Partners and sponsors:

IYA 2009
TU Darmstadt
akademie fuer tonkunst
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UN vienna

We are a Theater Group which writes interactive theater plays around the topics of cities.

Initiated in 2007 by Pedro Aibéo, with the Architecture Department of the Technical University Darmstadt, it has produced two theatre plays ("Organismus Darmstadt" and "Space and Time") staged in several countries and institutions such as the United Nations or the German State Theatre and initiated a popular radio show.

Our team is an interdisciplinary and international group of artists, scientists, students and professionals from different areas such as architecture, media, I.T., arts, music, and dance. 

We have counted with the support of many renowned intitutions such as Siemens, European Space Agency, Fraunhofer Institute, etc.

Our goal is to develop and execute performances involving the audience as actors and inspire the public to rethink their daily lives and decisions through extraordinary social and multi sensory experiences, supported by cutting edge media technology and research.

plays so far:

Organismus Darmstadt

Organismus Darmstadt

2008 The city controls you: You are the cell which blindly follow the goals of this unknown super-organism. A theatre play for the Architecture summer 2008 combining urbanism, music, theatre, dance, video and augmented reality with 70 students, 10 science researchers, 15 actors,2 dancers and 24 musicians.

Space and Time

Space and Time

2009 - ongoing written for the "International Year of Astronomy 2009" with premiere in the UNITED NATIONS. This play experiments to bridge the big questions of astronomy into our daily life, confronting the audience with the lack of an emergency exit!



2015 The 3rd original play: take over the life of another spectator and plan it till its end

The process of "cidadania" in its interactivity, emergent narrative environment, link to the research

The first play was written along the research topic of urbanism in 2007. The play was the aggregate of such research. The second play went through a more classical approach in gathering already published research on the topic of astronomy: scales and the universe and societies. The third and current play is using technology to create the narratives during the play itself by using algorithms which mix people's history and goals with the provided urban set (community). Conflicts are added according to the people's backgrounds. In all plays so far we have developed new tools that have been used further in both research and industry. We see ourselves linked to research in both ends. Using it and adding to it.


Papers references and Augmented reality link from cidadania

A peer-reviewed paper about cidadania on the mediacity conference 2010

A position paper about "play me", the new play from cidadania" for the NORDICHI2014 conference

The Low Budget Augmented reality developed technology


Long term goals: research into plays

We want to position ourselves in a hands-on group that brings out to citizens the research that is being done at our universities in attractive ways that ignite interest, discussion and understanding. In return, researchers gain more insight over its own methods and content. 


Press articles:

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