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6th - 10th June 2016
@ UNAM, Mexico

#Architecture #Technology #DIY #Photogrammetry


P. Aibéo


organized by

Architectural Democracy
UNAM Arquitectura

funded by:

Contact persons:


Architectural Democracy:


Here a short overview of the previous workshop held in Helsinki in 2015:

A short overview of the workshop held in Mexico in 2016:


Please bring your own laptop and smartphone (or better, a photo camera). To save valuable time the participants should install software on their computer in advance. Starts at 10:00 at CIDI (Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial), Room: Aula Ulrich Schaerer (1st Floor)

-        Unity 5.1 Personal Edition 

-        Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 30-day-Trial 

-        123D Catch    
-        Visual SFM
-        Meshlab   

Useful links to meshlab:

MeshLab Basics: Selection, part one


MeshLab Basics: Selection, part two


MeshLab Basics: Lighting


Cleaning: Basic filters


MeshLab Basics: Scale to real measures


Poisson Reconstruction in Meshlab

Mesh Processing: Decimation

Useful links to 123D Catch:

123D Catch - Planning your shoot
Some basic principles on how to photograph to create a 3D model

Useful links to VisualSFM:

Tutorial on using VisualSFM and Meshlabs to create a 3d model from photos of a Lingerie model.

Useful links to Unity:

Unity Tutorial Basics - Create a Survival Game

Unity Tutorial: The Basics (For Beginners)

To import 3D models into Unity:

About the UNAM + Architectural Democracy cooperation:


Cooperation plan

Provisory report of the Workshop outcomes 2016

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