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Toyota and Architectural Democracy

On the 22nd January 2020, Architectural Democracy gave a presentation of its work to Toyota, in Helsinki, at Aalto University.

Representatives of the Japanese automotive company Toyota, from different countries, came on a cutting-edge tour through Helsinki in January 2020, to, as in the words of Andreas Machemehl from Point Blank, “better understand how digital and tech innovations are changing society and particularly, where there is potential to improve people's lives in the smart, sustainable city of the future.”

Our work of Architectural Democracy and Gamified Cohousing stood out as especially inspiring within this context and we were invited to present our work in a private session of explorative scouting activity.

Me, Pedro Aibéo and Stefan Gustafsson, presented the current findings of Architectural Democracy and Gamified Cohousing. After some discussion, we interacted with our newly developed Urban Dots, by Architectural Democracy, in collaboration with the MIT City Science Lab and Aalto Living+.

At the end, we discussed the future of cities in close regards to mobility and on how both Toyota and Architectural Democracy are working hard to find a balance between sustainability and the economy.

Pedro Aibéo 31.03.2020 Hyrsylän Koulu

All photos by Toyota, kindly provided by Andreas Machemehl


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