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On Flightshame

Last year I tour lectured on Architectural Democracy in Qatar, India, Nepal, Oman, Holland, Finland, Japan, 3 times in China and Russia. But then came the corona pandemic and all further talks and lectures were cancelled as well as the travels of international students interested in collaborating with us in Finland for 2020.

So many ideas and collaborations start in the informal socializing moments such as dinners or drinks around such lectures and meetings.

Despite the polluting nature of flights, I wonder how much peace and knowledge we have created and thus less emissions and suffering from wars, due to this constant flow of people meeting others all around the globe.

Affordable flights I claim, has united us all more than anything else in history, even internet. Wars and concentrated wealth on the other hand, might be polluting more and is for sure dividing us. Let us focus on ending those two, not the flights.

There should be no shame in flying, there should be shame in Wars and Tax Havens.


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