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Gamified Cohousing in the press

During the last two weeks, the Gamified Cohousing (GC), the company we started last year, aiming to turn empty buildings into economies, has gotten a great deal of press.

Among these, we were featured in a large article about me and GC's work, at the largest Finnish newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat. It described in detail the relevance of our work and its future.

Gamified Cohousing at the Helsingin Sanomat press 2019

Several other newspapers also granted us coverage, including the Länsi-Uusima newspaper, and the international press, the Agencia Lusa, the biggest portuguese speaking press data bank. Both interviewed me.

And just this weekend, Gamified Cohousing had a poster at the Habitare fair which attracted all in all over 40 000 visitors. Susanna (one of the exhibition’s curators) also talked about it during her presentation on futures' trends and phenomena. Habitare is the biggest interior design fair of Finland.

Habitare Poster of Gamified Cohousing 2019

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