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This Frank Lloyd Wright's house isn't a House!

I was taken today to visit the #Yodoko guest house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Ayasha, Japan, on the same week some works of him got the title of Unesco World Heritage.

Lloyd Wright wrote a lot, including that houses needed to be more fluid, open and livable. As important as his work was, I find it was timely stamped, meaning, it was great on his epoch for breaking away from some stereotypes in architecture but irrelevant if not depressing today. Why?

This last surviving residential house of Lloyd Wright in Japan has no proper ventilation, heating or accessibility. All these three noticeable by, the heavy smell of the rooms which need constant AC working despite the 28C outdoor temperature, the windows being single glazed so you can imagine the winter, and there is an obsession with staircases present into almost every room, making accessibility a long distant future. Not to mention the nightmare on maintenance and cleaning, with the endless ornaments.

Not to live in, to photograph it!

Humans haven't changed much for thousands of years, yet modern designers often ignore function. It needs not to follow it, but it must integrate it in its minimums. We do not need sculptures, we need architects!

If it's a house it must be liveable, if it's not, it was a poor job.

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