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Gamified Cohousing updates

Here some updated of the Gamified Cohousing:

- Invited to speak at the first cooperative housing event, 15th January 2019, organized by Fira Oy at Fly Sky bar, Helsinki. This event gathered experts in the field and the press such as YLE, to discuss new legislation for cohousing in Finland

Gamified Cohousing at Fira event

- Gamified Cohousing was hired by a large Indian engineering company, Softech, to offer consultancy on its cohousing development process at Hyrsylän Koulu. Softtech is aiming to grow in Europe in area of automated building permits solutions. For it, it is using AutoDCR (DCR = development control regulations). Softtech has raised the Indian rating on the "ease of doing business" rank by the world bank ranking.

Softech reached Gamified Cohousing Oy for:

- report on the process of construction plans submissions to the city of Lohja

- overall suggestions, implementations of the process

- provide info on the KPA (key pain areas)

- comprehensive documentation of the whole process

- We presented our ideas at the TEDx Talk in Peniche, Portugal

Gamified Cohousing at TEDx

- We presented our ideas in China in Beijing and will do so again this Summer

- We presented our work to the Platform of Trust

- In September we will present it at the World Summit on Digital Built Environment

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