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ArcDem & Gamified Cohousing in China

Gamified Cohousing and Architectural Democracy will be a theme at the UMotion Camp in China, in July.

Gamified Cohousing in China

I was invited there as a keynote speaker on the topics of Architectural Democracy and Gamified Cohousing. This follows the work done last year at Tongji and Wuhan Universities with the workshops of Architectural Democracy. These workshops also mention Gamified Cohousing as a practical example on how to use the ArcDem matrix.

The Umotion lectures and workshops will also blend in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the local architectural challenges of China. The audience is younger than usual, 15 to 16 year old students.

Tomorrow the 15th, we, the Gamified Cohousing Oy, will be pitching on our projects and ideas at the Nordic China Startup Forum of Helsinki:


Doors open, registration 13:00-13:10: Opening by Nordic China Startup Forum, Helsinki 13:10-13:20: Keynote: Zoan and Virtual Helsinki 13:20-14:00: First half pitching (Bout, DeskMe, Gamified Cohousing, Hydrohex)

14:00-14:20: Break

14:20-15:00: Second half pitching (Layette App, Resistomap, Rond Housing, Vilike) 15:00-15:20: Break 15:20-15:30: Prize ceremony 15:30 -16:00: Networking session

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