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History of Science Center in Oman

Today the 23rd April 2019, is the opening of the "History of Science Center" of #Oman, which I, Pedro Aibéo, was one of the leading Architects, while working with Hoehler & Partner LLC from 2009 to 2011.

Video by Pedro Aibéo, shot in early 2019.

I have visited it recently and made these videos. I was lucky also to see all the insides of it welcomed by one of the main figures who enabled this project financially. The Center is located just beside the GuTech, a building which I too worked on, in special the roof structure.

History of Science Center Oman photo by Aibeo 2019

I invested a lot of my time and energy to make this design happen while living in Oman. I specially remember the long days in modelling the parametric mashrabyia facade, choosing what pattern would make most sense or designing the central staircases. How to make the entrance clear or how to make the thickness of the pattern in the most balanced way to react to a proper sun exposure.

History of Science Center Oman photo by Aibeo 2019

We proposed the building to be a sun dial and calculated all of its shadows to coincide with other parts of other islamic patterns in the building (such as the windows) on a certain day, the day of its planned opening. A triumph of science is the one of prediction, and architecture can be seen as an applied science. I was back then at the early stages of my Architect's career. Today I would do many things differently and I am glad it is so. There is no perfect state.

There are many other details about the design and mostly the process, but as it is usual in the business world, I am bound to a contract where I cannot disclose such ideas and info without permission. Many design meetings would be relevant of disclosure (by default) and many students would love to experience it. The world would profit much if there would be a platform of trust in the construction industry, where our mistakes would not be a reason for shame or mockery but a lection of what not to be repeated.

History of Science Center Oman photo by Aibeo 2019

There are plenty of easter eggs in the design that luckily are still seen despite me having not been present in the construction site (hope you find some!). The whole facade and design are intended to have a provocative message too. Is the islamic pattern sheltering or limiting science to expand? Has it grown to its possible limits and now it needs to break free from such pattern?

History of Science Center Oman photo by Aibeo 2019

Pedro Aibéo

Helsinki, 2019

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