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"Gamified Cohousing" meets "Mehr als Wohnen"

Much has been happening with our Gamified Cohousing Startup. For example, we have just been nominated for Best Newcomer by the Nordic Startup Awards. Also we have been granted a funding from the Helsinki Think Company for our work and we met with Lilo Ruther from the cohousing in Switzerland , Mehr Als Wohnen. From this later meeting, we got further deeper insights from the goods and bads about current cohousing strategies. Despite progress in many fields we believe there is still much to do.

Living together with others is a fundamental way of teaching us and our children how to negotiate differences, how to be political animals.

There are plenty of alternative solutions to living among others, from decision making via sociocracy or simply democratic. We, at the Gamified Cohousing, are trying to solve the loneliness of cities and the misuse of resources by turning empty buildings into economies! In Finland over 10% of the buildings out there are empty, an untapped economy of 800 million euros. We know some of the reasons why this is happening and we want to change it by applying our 4 principles:

- Minimalistic renovation (with lean construction technologies) - 50/50 cohousing + coworking spaces (Shared spaces are great investments) - Modular Design solutions (Rooms on wheels!) - Gamified Facility Management (imagine living in a Sims game!)

We offer property owners a leasing solution, to make these places livable and attract people for its internal economy potential. We generate income by harvesting a percentage of all transactions performed. This will not only revive these memorable old places, creating further local attachment, but it will create communities of people which can organize themselves through game mechanics in an emergent way.

This solution is easily scalable to existing coworking spaces, cohousings and even normal apartments and offices who search for better modes of the organisation of tasks and of an internal social life.

We hope to hear more from you!


Pedro Aibéo

Pedro Aibéo is a trained Design Architect and Civil Engineer. He is at present a Kone Säätiö Research Fellow, a Visiting Associate Professor at UNAM University, Mexico and at Wuhan University of Technology, China, and a Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University, Finland on "Architectural Democracy". He is the founder and Artistic Director of “Cidadania” theatre+games group, a professional Musician at Homebound, the founder and Chairman of the World Music School Helsinki, a drawing teacher at the croquis nights and at Kiasma and a Graphic Novelist.

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