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Finnish MPs voting today on CETA without having read it!

We reminded today at the Finnish Parliament to vote only if well informed!!

We are sure none of the MPs read and understood this complicated and VERY long agreement.

Please remind your local politician to be responsible when voting today. #CETA is a terrible agreement for our rights and freedoms.

NO to CETA at the Finnish Parliament_aibeo


This treaty will basically increase investors rights, meaning, big companies will have more power over our elected governments of Canada and all member States of the European Union.


It is 1598 page long, only recently publicly available and simply unreadable.

Do you think politicians have read it and understood it?


Tariffs between most countries all over the world are already very low and mechanisms regulating these have been around for long with the World Trade Organization for example. Having some tariffs is actually good. We can hold negotiating power between countries, to stimulate local products and guess what, it raises taxes, that thing which pays for our great schools and hospitals in Finland (where I live).


CETA was negotiated in secrecy, such as the previous TTIP, NAFTA, the ongoing deal with India and EU, and others. There has been no public discussion nor consultation. It is an agreement between corporations and politicians who are lobbied by rich corporations. Is this an agreement between the European and Canadian population?


About the author:

Pedro Aibéo is a trained Design Architect and Civil Engineer. He is at present a Kone Säätiö Research Fellow, a Visiting Associate Professor at UNAM University, Mexico and at Wuhan University of Technology, China, and a Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University, Finland on "Architectural Democracy". He is the founder and Artistic Director of “Cidadania” theatre+games group, a professional Musician at Homebound, the founder and Chairman of the World Music School Helsinki, a drawing teacher at the croquis nights and at Kiasma and a comic novelist.

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