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Gamified Cohousing being incubated

We have been invited to take part in a startup incubator of the Helsinki Think Company, entitled Mutiny. The Gamified Cohousing is linked to the project of Hyrsylän Koulu Cohousing and it is now on the process of team building and proof of concept.

You are welcomed to show up to help us in the process. The schedule is:

Tue 10.4. 16–20 - Rapid Experiments Thu 12.4. 16–20 – Workshop Tue 17.4. 14–17 – Sales Thu 19.4. 16–20 – Pitching Tue 24.4. 16–20 – Unpredictability Thu 26.4. 16–20 – Workshop Fri 27.4. 17–21 – Semifinal Thu 3.5. 16–20 – Finance Tue 8.5. 16–20 – Storytelling Thu 10.5. 16–20 - Legal advice Tue 15.5. 16–20 - Expert Sparring Thu 17.5. 16–20 - Visual Branding Tue 22.5. 16–20 - Next Steps Thu 24.5. 16–20 – Workshop Tue 29.5. 16–20 – Workshop Wed 30.5. - Final

Upcoming thursday, we will be on the site of Hyrsylän Koulu, from 9:00 we will have several contractors coming in to check on issues related to fire safety and heating.


Article by: Pedro Aibéo

Pedro Aibéo

Pedro Aibéo is a Design Architect and Civil Engineer with over 50 buildings designed and built worldwide, currently practicing at AIBEO architecture. He is a Kone FoundationResearch Fellow at Aalto University for the Doctoral Research of “Architectural Democracy” and a Visiting Associate Professor at UNAM University, Mexico. His research and practice interests are multidisciplinary spanning from arts, science, design and politics

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