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Life is short, better make it as a croquis!

"Tervetuloa, welcome to another workshop of Croquis and Animations at Kiasma", Helsinki, 10th Nov. 2017.

So Croquis is about fast drawing, sketching. We decided to combine both, croquis and animations. They are very related to each other because you have to be knowledgeable about how much time you have in your life to make a drawing.If you go into much detail, you will not have enough the time to finish it, you have to manage your time. You have to catch the essential of a drawing, of something you want to transmit. Drawing is communicating, if you have a thought in your head, or if you dream about it, or if you want to explain something to somebody. This is what we use here, we train fast drawing That’s why we start only by 4 minute positions, and then 3, 2, 1 and then 30 seconds. So we gradually get faster This will be the 1st hour. I will go around and give some hints how to draw that. And then after that, comes the animation part, two hours We pick up those sequences and we fill them in, Jan will explain it better later, then we digitize them and we make small animations.

See the photos and videos!

Paper sponsored by UPM. Kiitos!

Photos and video by Pedro Aibéo

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