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The World Music School is present at all major Folk Festivals of Finland of 2017

Galician and Bulgarian Folk event

We started with the World Village Festival in Helsinki, and we are now heading to the Kaustinen festival where we are doing there one of our monthly “Folk Dance Events with Live Music” and a live concert. The topic is Galician + Bulgarian. Both these cultures embraced the bagpipe strongly into their music. But of course there is far more into it than just the pipes. We are mixing these two into an evening workshop. As usual, everyone is invited to dance and to play the music with us on the 13th July, at 20:00.

At the same festival, Kaustinen, we are organizing our first ever promoted live concert. We invited for this, Davide Salvado from Galicia to play at 14:00, of the 14th of July.

Davide Salvado

After Kaustinen we will be also present at the Etnosalo festival, a young but thriving festival. There, we will continue with african motives, as we did at the World Village festival. And just fresh out of the oven, we just confirmed our presence at the EtnoSoi festival, the Nr. 1 folk festival of Helsinki, turning 30 this year (Kaustinen is 20 years older ;-)

)Stay tuned for more news! You can also read this post here:


Pedro Aibéo is a trained Design Architect (M.Sc., Dipl. Ing., TU Darmstadt, Germany) and Civil Engineer (M.Sc., Licenciatura, FEUP, Porto) with over 50 buildings designed and built on 15 countries currently practicing at "AIBEO architecture". He is also a Kone Säätiö Research Fellow, a Visiting Associate Professor at UNAM University, Mexico and at Wuhan University of Technology, China, and a Lecturer, Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University, Finland on "Architectural Democracy". He has also regularly lectured about Architecture at the Universities of QUT Brisbane, TU Darmstadt and FAUP Portugal. He is the founder and Artistic Director of “Cidadania” theatre+games group, Germany, with written and directed theater plays at the United Nations and the Staatstheater Darmstadt on urban slavery and astronomy. He is a professional Musician at "Homebound" and the founder and Chairman of the "World Music School Helsinki ry”. He is a drawing teacher at the croquis nights and at Kiasma in Helsinki and a comic novel writer on mathematics. He is a published current affairs author in several newspapers.

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