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White Paper on Direct Democracy for Helsinki

The 2017 Municipal Elections in Helsinki are over but our goal is long term.

We, a group of cultural activists and University researchers, do mostly investigation and civic activities. Our political participation in the latest election was meant to be a political Hack, to inform rather than to compete. We had a good result in the elections, considering we started it 1,5 months ago and it was an English campaign only, in Finland.

During the campaign, we organized a Hackathon on Direct Democracy supported by the Kone Foundation. From it, we published a white paper and we now invite all to send comments.

The goal of it is to constantly improve the paper with the international community and release a new version every month.

​Find here the latest version of the paper and send us comments attached in the pdf to this email. We aim with this process to create better political and civic processes, of more inclusion and diversity.

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