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Political Hacking in Helsinki

Dear Citizens of Helsinki,

​I have been doing a great deal of cultural activism and research work in Helsinki for the last 3 years, as chairman of the World Music School Helsinki, PhD Researcher on Architectural Democracy, Vice-chairman of Perpetuum Mobilε (Artists at Risk), building social co-housing, as an architect, in The Svartså Skola Co-Housing and in the movement against the Guggenheim Museum.

Because of this I was invited to be a candidate for these elections in Helsinki. As a foreigner and as an independent, I decided to accept the invitation so that we, non-Finnish and non-Swedish speaking community can access the information of the political decisions.

I am not affiliated to any party, and I am fully against professional politicians, but I am using the current system to propose deeper levels of inclusion to all of us.

It would be very important that we, as immigrant community would achieve this milestone. If I am elected, we would have a strong point in demanding that all discussions are translated into ENGLISH so we can engage more. The salary earned will be distributed to the team doing the translation and online posting.

For Direct Democracy, every decision that I will make will be previously voted electronically by the group of people who wish to follow me, regardless of my own personal view.

As an example of our commitment, we just did a Hackathon on Direct Democracy at the Kone Foundation, where we published a white paper on different solutions to improve our political system.

This is true #PoliticalHacking!

Thus I am writing to you, for your vote on the 9th, for 238. Let us work together on this!


Please read more about this here: and please share among your community.

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