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Renovation, Co-housing and Co-design!

In 2009, after 103 years of operation, the city of Porvoo closed down Svartså School. We, a team of architects, were impressed by the beautiful environment of Svartså, and proposed to the city of Porvoo to create a new housing project.

Before an individual investor takes over this wonderful place and either destroys it or leaves it empty for most of the time, we proposed the city of Porvoo to make a new project based on:​




We are calling out for new residents who would be involved in the planning from the very beginning, if they wish so. This will improve the quality of the space and, as there are no investor's speculation, the price per square meter decreases. ​

Co-housing will allow the new inhabitants to have a fully normal apartment, with kitchen and bathroom, but there will be bigger rooms for communal use and even for small business purposes of the inhabitants. This includes:

- A workshop room

- Industrial Kitchen

- Ball room

- Entrance Foyer to the ball room with handicapped able toilets

- Sauna

- Tennis court

- Parking area​

The buildings have high ceilings. We will thus create lofts to fit several floors and add more living space and natural light. It should be open, airy and modular to allow changes in the planning and in the future. High quality and modern, but not expensive and flashy. ​

We are also working with local vocational schools, giving students the opportunity to practice in the study of how to make genuine craftsmanship in an old log house.

This is a pilot project in Porvoo, Finland. Support us!

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