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The World Music School at the Finnish Christmas Celebration of Seurasaari

The World Music School Helsinki was invited to play and dance at the traditional Finnish Christmas Celebration of Seurasaari (Seurasaari Joulupolku): "Christmas greetings from abroad"! The -10C was a major challenge, but even if the music does not come out at its best, the most important is the social glue that music brings. Playing live Music for Dance, especially folk music brings people together, even if in out of tune! :-)

Have you ever heard the beautiful Arabic Christmas carol "Talj Talj" singing about "friendship, prosperity and love falling like snow"? As "tidings of comfort and joy" we sang and played for the Merry Christmas time!

Performers: Valeria Clarinetta Conte Zane Pērkone Christine Cooper Ahoora Mahone Michael Ferrie Music Meera Omar

Pedro Aibéo #WMSHelsinki #WorldMusicSchool #Christmas

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