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The latest World Music School event was Swedish and Latvian (not Russian), here is why!

Back in the year 2016, The World Music School Helsinki, invited Swedish and Russians for a dance folk event. They did so to mark the upcoming 100 years of the independence of Finland (Finland was part of Sweden for many centuries and then part of Russia, then it was part of the EU).

The Swedish minority in Helsinki replied to this call and played their music and dances. The Russian minority somehow was not able to reply and in a sudden move, the Latvians took charge! They played and danced their culture out loud as they did on the singing revolution of 1987. Inspired by this, one after the other, all the small republics and regions of Russia and of the world started too to sing and play their folk music for self-determination. Now, in 2030, we no longer have over-sized Nation States but smaller countries where democracies thrive and where people trust each other. Countries like California, Karelia, Catalonia, Western Sahara, Sami, etc. Every world power in history, from Persians, Romans to the Habsburgs, Napoleon, Hitler and Americans, believed that extending the imperial domains of a country, which increased its influence and resources, would bring more grace to its people. We now know better. So, at last, we can finally do a successful Swedish & Russian event of 2030!

Well done folk Music! :-)

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