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No to Guggenheim in Helsinki

Today, the Helsinki City Council is voting on the #Guggenheim Helsinki Project.

I repeat, as an experienced architect, who designed and built Museums, and as a politically conscious person, please vote firmly against it.

The reasons against such a project are manifolded among these:

- Tax payers should not be paying huge sums of money for a private gallery disguised as a museum

- The Guggenheim Foundation has a record of income inequality and corruption scandals all over the world (Mr. Armstrong's salary is over 630.000)

- There will be no tourism flood of people to Helsinki for this project, as you can read by all relevant independent reports.

- Helsinki has already a record number of museums which need no more cuts

- etc.

Along with the #TTIP and #Trump's election, we are seeing a trend from the #USA, on private corporations growing power over people's elected governments.

We must stop this abuse and protect the values which Finns hold strong to, of social welfare and equality.

(In the 19th and 20th century, Finns emigrated to the USA and there they created the first housing coops in New York to fight housing speculation. It was then dismantled by capitalism. Now we see a resurgence of these ideas by grassroots movements.)

Please take some time and inform yourself well about the Guggenheim Foundation and act accordingly.

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