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What's new on the World Music School Helsinki

The idea of the World Music School Helsinki came up one year ago from a phone call between me and Goncalo Cruz. Officially the non profit association (ry) started February of this year of 2016. It is the accumulation of experiences from earlier projects I worked with. Such as the portoceltico in Portugal, or helping out the Dudelsack Akademie and their Festival in Hofheim Germany. But also from years of learning and playing all kinds of music all around the world, mostly with the bands Homebound and Wolfenmond.

Now, in Finland, and with some important new strategic details, we believe we found the right mix to make the teaching of music as a MOTHER language a step closer to reality.

A year has passed and everything went better than planned. The key decisive first events of folk dance with live music were sold out and the learning process was very dynamic with youngsters and experts fused and an engaged crowd.

In October we were at WOMEX, where we were invited there to speak at their conference on our methods, which we insist calling it a non-method!

We arrived two days ago from Rome, where the municipality invited us to cooperate with them, to expand our (non!) methods to Italy.

But these are a drop on the ocean on novelties. Most importantly, the best of news are that the people and musicians who have been teaming up with us, are wonderful talented people with a strong will to make this project reach a safe harbor.

So, currently, during this fall we are making a Swedish and Russian Folk Dance event on the 27th November.

We are also organizing kids workshops in several locations around Helsinki, we are preparing a new web-platform for the booking process, applying for European funds, making trials on the new World Music School Porto and having a Christmas Concert and Workshop for kids on the 18th December.

Kiitos all so much for all of the support! :-)

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