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A reminder of the lefties' arrogance

One year ago we were celebrating in Palestina, Ramallah, the results of the Greek referendum against the austerity measures of the EU. It turned out to be another historical left wing's incompetence and lack of internal agreement against the right wing establishment. The NO of the people was translated into a yes by #Tsipras.

Shortly after, I met the then leader of the left alliance Finnish party, Paavo Arhinmäki, in Athens, a dear friend of Tsipras. We discussed shortly on the near impossibility of the left wing, throughout history, to put its policies into action. But as with #Varoufakis in 2015, it seems that not only there is little the political establishment can do today against ongoing contractual agreements but also the lefties seem not to manage to agree among each other (which is a good inherent quality but maybe counterproductive if one compares it with the right wing). A famous historical example being the disagreements of 1868, between the jacobins and Proudhonists in Paris, which led to the ongoing division between anarchists and marxists.

I wrote then a short text on how to vote (better, not to) for the Portuguese legislative of 2015. I sent this piece to an usual left wing oriented publisher of my writings, Till then, they gladly published my lines. Now, none of my thoughts are welcomed.'s reply was that they support the left wing party "Bloco de Esquerda" and will not publish articles critical of them.

Most of us have sadly experienced the lefties intolerance and inability of self critic and acceptance of other people's opinions, either on big scale, referendums, or by usually smaller scale happenings such as mine. May this serve once more as a reminder that democracy should be the enabler of multitude of opinions not of absolute truths.

Pedro Aibéo

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