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DIY Interactive 3D models from Photos

Bring your camera and computer, and turn anything you want into an interactive 3D object! This was the outcome of a two-day workshop organized by ARCHITECTURAL DEMOCRACY, in September 2015 in Helsinki. Funded by Aalto Service Factory, and part of Helsinki Design Week, the workshop brought together international experts in architecture, photogrammetry, interactive media and parallel computing.

With no previous knowledge, the participants successfully made their own interactive models of anything they wished, from bedrooms to sculptures. The workshop also provided time for meetings among experts, which sparked ongoing research collaboration.

This workshop is part of the international research on “Architectural Democracy” (AD) based at Aalto University. AD believes one can use the rooms where we all spend most of our lives in, as sources of open source information to edit and share among citizens for community well-being. Not only is this a tool to create time machines to understand the history of our cities but to understand its economics, technicalities and social relationships, for a fairer society based on transparency.

Want to know more about this workshop, here is the website with further info:

About Architectural Democracy:

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