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Monsanto comes to kill again in Vietnam

Monsanto, the american multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, is coming back to kill through the TPP agreement (the biggest secret trade agreement in history which will give more power to corporations).

Monsanto was the main producer of the agent orange which killed thousands in Vietnam:

“After years of legal skirmishes, a 1984 settlement provided limited relief to American GIs suffering from a range of health effects linked to Agent Orange exposure, from prostate and lung cancer, to multiple myeloma, diabetes, Parkinsons and heart disease. But attempts to get legal redress and financial support for the estimated three million Vietnamese suffering from Agent Orange exposure have repeatedly failed.” (cf. CounterPunch 2015)

After the two-decade embargo that the U.S. imposed on Viet Nam after the war, now the big red carpet is being laid out by the Vietnamese corrupt single party state, welcoming Monsanto to repeat history but now with a farce: the GMO (Genetically modified food).

Monsanto is famous for putting copyrights into food, making farmers having to pay fees for something nature has created. Well, there is a way out. Monsanto is also the name for a small Portuguese village, in fact, the most Portuguese of places. So surely we can demand a fat compensation by putting a new clause into TPP for copyrights.

The real Monsanto says thank you TPP.

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