“This is not (just) Mathematics” is an unique book. Not a book on formal Math, but an outreach one, and not “just” maths as it approaches issues in the context of the natural sciences and more, much more.

In terms of layout, the book is also original. Half of it are illustrated narratives, some divergent and others completely secant with the main text. The stories deconstruct the mathematical concepts and lead the reader to the nonsense while raising new relevant issues. They can be amusing breaks from reading, but often these are narratives that challenge the reader and most of all require an open mind – the general requirement of the whole work.

The main text is presented as a series of episodes, some of intense drama, some of thrilling action, others of daily comedy. Altogether the book narrates one of the most extraordinary adventures: the human evolution, whether intellectual, social or technological.

Ultimately this is a book of impossible categorization: a crossover between a volume of short stories, a graphic novel, a book of popular science and a textbook. Each reader will have a different experience depending on their interests and background. However, it does try to reach everyone, from the curious passerby, to the college student, from pre-teenagers to older adults all sharing a fascination for the world around us.

More about it here: http://www.aibeo.com/inem

or here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17924797-isto-n-o-s-matem-tica

graphic Novel on Mathematics


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    1. Our partners and clients are developers, infrastructure consultants, universities, associations

    2. Our usual moment of entry is around some kind of tension or gap between the goal of the developer or city and the residents or users

    3. While we have a client, we also represent the users. In that sense we always have two clients. we guarantee neutrality via transparency not via an utopic equal representation of all stakeholders.

    4. Our motto is, engage first, then create. Ours is a creative role informed by insights and planning

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      1. To gather independent insight we design qualitative, quantitative, door-to-door, engagement-research

      2. We stratify audiences -- some matter more than others

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