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Homebound is a seven-piece fusion world music band, blending music from several cultures with the linking element of the drone. This is their second produced album.


“…a complex and varied sound that surprises at every turn…” Living Tradition
“surely the coolest new music genre around…” Arts Journal
“engaging music” Scotsman

With a unique sound defined by transforming a variety of cultures and musical genres into a sensational new concept, Homebound creates an intensely spellbinding musical experience. The bagpipe is the linking instrument in this diverse potpourri of cultural variety. With its hypnotic drone, this ancient instrument is the connection between medieval dance tunes, Indian ragas and Celtic music from the Highlands of Scotland through Ireland and Brittany. The harp flirts with the driving beats of the thavil, the cello converses with the tabla, the bagpipe contrasts with jazzy guitar chords. Combining traditional material from Celtic lands, Indian compositions and improvisations, medieval manuscripts and self-penned compositions, the band sound encompasses a vast range of dynamic tones and carefully arranged layers. Since Homebound was founded in 2005 by Thomas Zöller, the band has performed at festivals throughout Europe, including Celtic Connections, Piping Live!, and the Interkeltisches Folkfestival.

HOMEBOUND is an exceptional chance to experience seven musicians embarking on an adventure to explore new shores of music, creating a fresh but still deeply rooted music. The varied backgrounds and strengths of each individual contribute to a unified whole that celebrates musical and cultural interaction.


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