• Pedro Aibéo

Palestine and Argentina are next for the World Music School

This 11th March 2020, the World Music School Helsinki is organizing another of its free events, this time in collaboration with Caisa.

It will take place at Caisa, Helsinki, Kaikukatu 4 B. The teachers we invited for this evening are Nemat Battah and Leandro Roco:

Sadly the Palestinian name raises problems. Facebook just blocked our event preventing it to be shared to other pages. We complained, but till now with no success.

Despite this, we hope this event will be as sucessful as all the other we did before, as for example the one we did almost 3 years ago, on the 23rd of April 2017, the "Indian and Peruvian Folk Dances with Live Music". At that event we gathered almost 100 euros for the victims of the back then Peruvian earthquacke, together with the Embassy of Peru in Finland and with the International School of Music Finland. 18 different nationalities came, whose top 3 were, Finland: 26%, India: 17% and Irak: 9%.

We were very happy to see again so many of our Iraqi asylum seekers' friends coming in, and it was also an Iraqi the winner of our lottery, Ahmed Taaha!

Music is the primordial language, and with it, we celebrate with these events the importance of diversity, and make sure everyone goes home carrying a smile. We have been doing this now for some years and hope for more to come. Join us.

Pedro Aibéo

Chaiman of the World Music School Helsinki