• Pedro Aibeo

Svartså Skola Cohousing site visit

Today, AIBEO architecture visited the site of the Svartså Skola, between Porvoo and Helsinki.

We are renovating a 109 year old school into cohousing apartments. We went there today with a potential construction company to partner us. Many challenges faces us in this pathway. First things to be sure of, are of the fungus and bacteria that might have developed in this building, which would make a renovation either difficult or impossible.

We went around and took some 360 shots with a ricoh Theta camera. More of these in a 360 format, at our facebook group.

Just beside the 2nd Building

The main patio

The original log walls here to be seen

A visit into the attic of the 2nd building

The gym room which will be turned into the main communal area

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