• Pedro Aibéo

For Direct Democracy and an end to political careerism

I decided to be a candidate under the Left Alliance list for the municipal elections of 2017 of Helsinki, but remaining independent as in terms of political affiliation. I am doing this because: - We need to be representing the growing minority in Helsinki, (estimated between 6-14%) of non Finnish and non Swedish speaking community who are voters and are being alienated from public discussion due to language barriers. In the words of James Baldwin, "People who will be denied participation, by their very presence, will wreck it". If elected my agenda relies on: Immediate goal: not to represent voters but to give them direct decision power, NOW. Every decision that I will make will be previously voted electronically by the group of people who wish to follow me. I will send them an explanation in English of which will be voted, then I will represent the voted decision further in the council or other meetings. Even if not perfect, this method will show an important example.

Long term goal: Someone has to be the last professional politician! Everyone ought to be a "political animal" to have the best decisions and to avoid corruptive behaviors. To enable such, we need to question the career of politician and to enable direct participation at its fullest, either by technological innovations or by rotating random representatives (lottocracy). Meaning, if I become a paid politician, my task will be successful when I become again an amateur politician.

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