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as concerned citizens of Helsinki, we say:

because it creates social injustices 


because it sells status, not promoting critical thinking 

because it foments slavery through extreme workers' exploitation  in the Guggenheim of Abu Dhabi

because it bullies our government for enormous financial subventions enhancing corruption

because it builds a museum for their own profit by using our own work (through tax money and tax benefits ) and through architectural competitions which are both the exploitation of citizens.

We must fight for a meaningful allocation of our limited resources and for social welfare,
not for rich men marketplaces. 

JOIN US AT OUR PROTEST 24.04.2015 at 18:00

and again in 2016!

JOIN US AT OUR PROTEST 30.11.2016 at 15:00

and sign our petition here


download material

Recommended Literature:

Adorno, "Aesthetic Theory"
"The thing about Museums"



AIBEO architecture


The letter we handed in person to BIG and GANG principals:

The manifestition by the exhibition opening in Helsinki on the 24th April 2015

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