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Hyrsylän Koulu is a former Finnish school now turned into a Gamified Cohousing. 

Our principles are derived from the work of Architectural Democracy.

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World Music School

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Gamified Cohousing

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Architectural Democracy

At Hyrsylän Koulu live several people and is also the home of several companies and Non-For-Profit Associations


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Partnering with several institutions, including research ones in developing a STEAM Barn (STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics). Among these we cooperate with Aalto University, Tongji University (Shanghai), several cooperatives in Portugal, further cohousings (Estonia, Slovenia and USA), the World Music School Helsinki ry, the Icelandic Siglufjördur Folk Music Center, The Transform Festival of Trondheim etc.


Inviting artists regularly is a good catalyst for this goal. The only premise requested of the invited artist, is that the work done involves the local community in some way. This can be in the form of visual arts, in producing a piece of work that can be set in the school’s mini museum or outdoors. It can be in the form of music or video in producing a work that captures the sounds and images of the area or creates potential stories around local tales. It can be too touching architectural or carpentry works in improving the communication of the workers and residents of Hyrsylän Koulu with the local community. Or also with environmental artists in using local food production as means of empowerment. 


We have made a successful 1st trial by inviting a local performative artist in 2020 for a period of one week. We have also received some artist guests along these 2 years and many have shown interest in coming over to do some work, as the place offers both tranquility and community. 

The goal is thus to expand the process and to involve a more international input into the local one for the upcoming years. The applicants must provide a work plan and a resume of their work and be interviewed.

Please contact us or our partners, the Art Gallery Cooperative in Helsinki, Myymälä2

Book a room


We have several rooms for events and also for sleepovers

Please contact us for further details if interested.

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Cultual Sauna



Tervetuloa Kulttuurisaunaviikoille Hyrsylän koululle!

Kutsumme kaikki lohjalaiset sunnuntai-iltapäivisin heinä- ja elokuussa grillaamaan, nauttimaan musiikista ja hyvästä seurasta, sekä avustamaan perinteikkään saunarakennuksen remontoinnissa.

Viime vuonna kunnostimme saunan katon, sähköt ja vedentulon. Nyt on tarkoitus remontoida sauna loppuun talkoohengessä, grillauksen ja musiikin parissa. Samalla haluamme tuoda Saukkolan ihmiset yhteen saunan, ruoan ja musiikin välityksellä sekä näyttää kuinka vahva yhteishenki meillä on!

Pihamaalla on pieni lava, joka on vapaa esiintymistä, musiikkia ja puheita varten. Tule mukaan nauttimaan kesäisistä sunnuntaipäivistä ja avustamaan saunan remontoinnissa sen verran kuin haluat!

Mikäli saunan remontointi onnistuu, tulemme jatkamaan Kulttuurisaunatapahtumaa kerran kuukaudessa tulevien vuosien ajan! Jos sataa, laulamme saunassa!

Kulttuurisauna sunnuntaisin klo 14.00-17.00, heinä- ja elokuussa 2021.

Järjestäjät: World Music School ry ja Hyrsylän koulu-team

Cultural Sauna

Welcome to Cultural Sauna Weeks at Hyrsylän Koulu.

We are inviting all Lohjans to come to Hyrsylä every Sunday afternoon in July and August, to grill some sausages, listen and play to music and help renovate the heritage sauna building.

Last year we repaired the roof, electricity, and water input of the sauna. It is time we in Saukkola show that we are a strong community and we will make this cultural sauna happen! We will have a mini stage where you can perform your arts or music or just a speech!

Come to these events to enjoy some food and music and give a small hand in renovating the sauna. If we make this happen, we will continue making the Cultural Saunas every month for the whole year and the years after. If it rains, we sing inside the sauna! 

Every Sunday from 14:00 am till 17:00, July and August.

Organized by the World Music School ry and the Hyrsylän Koulu Team




We absolutely love this cohousing project . My partner and I could not stop reading about it and so we decided to join!



Serious Woman


I love what you are creating in Hyrsylän koulu. I went to primary school there as a kid and have very fond memories of the place. It’s heartwarming to see it in good hands.



Great place for events! The Concert Hall was perfect for our karaoke nights!




Such a great forest, super relaxing! We had a meditation workshop here and it was just perfect.



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