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We turn empty buildings into economies

We create communities from minimalistic and modular renovations of abandoned buildings and via a gamified facility management which enables a micro-economy based on service architecture.

We mix private and shared spaces, where people can live and work in modern standards and benefit financially and socially where daily tasks, services and interactions with the region are made easy and fun!



The App


We are not consultants, nor just developers or architects.

We turn you into a co-developer. 

We take on the risk, we invest, we plan, we consult, we design and we manage your abandoned building into a profitable house.

If you do not have the money or expertise to turn your building into something profitable and meaningful in our society, we will be your partners, take a share of your property or a leasing agreement and we will turn you into a co-developer. 

We want your local expertise too and you want our global Know-How!

According to a study of the Tampere University, Finland is the country in western Europe where most heritage buildings are being demolished. The cause seems to be related to the steady increase of more strict building regulations over the last decades and a lack of flexibility towards renovation projects. This has negative consequences. Not only it causes waste of resources (falling short of circular economy goals) but above all, it propels the destruction of communities and of cultural identities.

In an attempt to provide an impulse towards updating legislation, and to address two major problems in cities, loneliness and misuse of natural resources, the startup “Gamified Cohousing” was created in 2018, born out of the research on “Architectural Democracy”. The developed five step plan turns empty buildings into cohousing and coworking economies.

We do the renovation of old buildings into thriving resilient communities, where people can live in modern standards and use a facility management app to be engaged in daily tasks of the house to benefit from it socially and financially.

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Loneliness & Resources

Gamified Cohousing was born out of the research of “Architectural Democracy”.


It addresses two major problems in cities: loneliness and misuse of natural resources.

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With our business model of “service co-development” and it’s five step implementation plan we can turn any empty building, together with their local owners, into a thriving resilient cohousing and coworking community, regardless of its location. 

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With a mix of private and shared spaces, people can live and work in modern standards and benefit financially and socially via the facility management app, where daily tasks or rentals can be easily managed in a fun way.



Over 10% of our buildings are empty*


Construction Industry emits 44% of all CO2 into the atmosphere (2x more than the transportation industry! 

Finland is Nr1 in demolishing buildings in Europe

Study from Tampere UT 2016






We are loosing the ability

to negotiate differences with our neighbors as it is too easy to avoid or click them away! 

Third-home purchases swell to record proportions. We build because cities need to consume the capitalism surplus not because people are homeless!

retrieved from bloomberg 25th NOv 2018 

"In the context of real estate we have to be concerned about whether the tech industry will learn real estate faster than real estate learns tech. At the moment real estate is losing, and badly." 

Antony Slumbers at REWORK Summit next Wednesday, from his blog Real Estate and technological denial 





Ageing population and

millenial's fluid life styles 

demand change of

real estate 

"With a smaller generation (echo boomers) following a larger generation (baby boomers) for the first time in history, we’re caught in the trap of “diers” vs. “buyers.” Essentially, millions more people will be leaving the housing market than entering it. With sellers drastically exceeding buyers, there will be a huge housing glut." on 30.22.2018




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Pedro Aibéo


Architect and Civil Engineer

and Founder of the Gamified Cohousing

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Iris Jägel-Balcan


Concentrating on environmental protection and cultural heritage.

andre pereira_edited.jpg

André Pereira


Professional Engineer, PMP®, M.Sc. (Licenciatura) in Civil Engineering

arefeen arman portrait GC 2023 bw_edited.jpg

Arefeen Arman


Focused on financial statements and ownership structure analysis and budgeting,

“a company that has saved buildings under threat of demolition across Finland”

Etelä-Saimaa Newspaper, 13.06.2023

Big Targets 

- Fight loneliness (Preventive health)

- No construction of new buildings if others are empty nearby (environment) 

- Renovate old buildings or add extensions to old ones (heritage)

- Gather information, conduct research and runs public debates

- Transform architecture into a process rather than a product based service

- Adoption of multiple home ownership schemes to prevent housing market speculation

- Measure the ecoloogical footprints of the cohousing, gamer/inhabitants

- Implement AI for a better living and working patterns of Cohousing and co-working spaces (user has the data ownership).

- Create living and working communities where people negotiate differences locally (political literacy), in a more economically, ecologically and socially sustainable way, with adaptable physical and social design where users can master their own social rules within that community via game mechanics.

We are a private registred enterprise based in Finland, operating in a repurposed heritage building

Gamified Cohousing Oy

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