Croquis Classes to restart in August, stay tuned!

We teach communication via fast sketching!

Come to our weekly drawing classes 

in Helsinki, with a live model!


Single class:€10.00
4 classes: €30.00
8 classes: €50.00
16 Classes: €85.00
Full season - 24 classes: €110.00


Pedro Aibeo


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Laura Nenonen

David Frankovich

Anna Olkinuora

Aamu AuroraI

lkka Hautala

Antonín Brinda

Hannu Niiranen

Stefanescu Laura

Hanna Hottola 

Anna Saksman


Katriliila jokelin

yasmine zein

Alicia Burns

Daniela rojaslisa

Margit Marjokiviteemu

Hannu Elo


As many times, words are not enough, we at Croquis Nights believe fast sketching and animation are essential training for communicating our thoughts in a comprehensive way. Croquis and animations liberates us from the pressures of a perfect outcome and helps us focus on the essence of observation.

Croquis drawings are quick and sketchy drawings of a live model. We start from 4 Min poses and end in 30 Sec. 

All of this is done with the help of our teachers, so do not worry if you have no experience! We provide all the  materials!


Wednesdays from 17:30 to 18:30 at Wonderland Work 

Check the calendar fpr season tickets or single classes




Our teacher, Aibéo, will be doing 3 days of live drawing at Myymälä2 art gallery in Helsinki, from 10th to 12th August


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are cancelling our weekly croquis classes in #Helsinki, till further notice. Stay healthy and keep on sketching!

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Johannes Kaisalo, 2015

my figure sketching skills did improve this Autumn. A special thanks for the low entry barrier and the possibility to participate on a per session basis, without having to commit to the full course

Chris Fraser, 2015

The croquis nights sessions were a refreshing change from other sessions in Helsinki

Tatiana Eremich, 2015

Time passed so quickly. Jan is a pro. If you want to touch the magic of animation, definitely I would suggest to participate

croquis nights has featured in several press articles and TV shows. For further press material please contact us


PAST EVENTS: 15.10.2018 at Konepajan Bruno

Full past events list here



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Please contact us if you need acme pegs and perfurated paper for animations


November 27, 2019

Croquis classes have been ongoing in Helsinki for 4 years now, and there has been a growing interest from the industry to make more of these kind of events.

Most important for us is to use drawing as a tool to really fastly a precisely express your ideas to anyone, a kid, your boss or partner.

Latest we have been contacted by Fund You plattform to promote more products related to what we do at croquis.


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