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Pedro Aibéo's Portfolio (ENGINEERING)

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Type: contractual invitation of TBW by GTZ
Location: Brasil, Chon Buri, Haiti, Syria, Iran

Time: 2002 - 2003

Status: Built

Civil Engineer: Pedro Aibéo + Hartlieb Euler
Field of work: Design + Structural calculation

Publications: Ecosan

Photos and diagrams by Hartlieb Euler and Pedro Aibéo

Copyright by TBWAfter graduating in my first Master in Civil Engineering (specialized in geotechnics), in Portugal, after 5 years of studying, I went to Germany and started my work life as an environmental engineer. There, in Frankfurt, I was employed by TBW GmbH.

The core of my work was to plan and to build anaerobic biogas plants in developing countries within a public and private investment framework. These were low budget solutions to improve both local energy independence and sanitation.

Inadequate or even lack of sanitation is a key social, health and environmental problem in the majority of countries. Public programs are insufficient and do not reach the majority of the population. Private initiative alone often only serves a few, who then mostly remain affected by those without suitable sanitation and do not get their co-operation. Lack of finance for investment and operation, lack of integration into dwelling and economic activity, resulting often in unsuitable technical and environmental approaches, and a lack of participation, can sometimes be overcome if public and private actors manage to co-operate and agree upon a suitable division of labour and framework of responsibilities, and thus turn sanitation into a joint development priority, which can then help as well to save and reuse valuable water, nutrient and energy resources.


There are uncountable hindrances of Public-Private Partnerships for truly cost-efficient

sanitation. However there is little alternative. My work at TBW, and within a number of projects, made some substantial progress on that rocky road to combine private initiative and public responsibility and participation with more sustainable sanitation and recycling strategies. 

Low budget AUGMENTED REALITY solution for a theatre play

A AR, low budget sytem developed specially for cidadanias "Organismus Darmstadt". Performed in the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany in 2008. Later acquired by the company Siemens AG.
The two hour performance had manifold elements of interactivity between multimedia content, actors and the audience: From specially composed and live performed music, through multiple large moving video screens, up to an Augmented Reality (AR) installation such as this one.

360 degree low budget projector
Arduino Wireless Bagpipe

After several years of touring with the German Band Wolfenmond, building bagpipes with the artisan Juergen Ross and having been endorsed with instruments by digital bagpipe makers, Pedro Aibéo decided to develop his own version of digital bagpipes  based on Arduino.

Several test models have been produced these have not yet been commercialized. 

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